How To Submit Your Work

We accept unsolicited submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art (including photography), and video art.

You can submit your work to PoetryCircle in one of two ways:

Through Submittable, we usually charge a fee to offset the amount that Submittable charges. When submitting through Submittable, provide us with up to five poems or one piece of fiction or nonfiction. For visual art, please provide a coherent collection for consideration. Under nonfiction, we accept essays, literary criticism, interviews, book reviews, and commentary on the world of the arts. For all categories, we look for and accept only writing of high quality.

Submission through the forum is free, and there you will get the advantage of responses not only from editors but also peers.

Please do not submit previously published work.

If we publish your work, we retain first publication rights, and we retain the right to use or link to your work in any occasional newsletter or other material we send to members or potential members. All other rights revert to you. PoetryCircle, like most other arts venues, does not pay contributors. However, we do our best to promote your work and increase its visibility.

On the PoetryCircle Forum, editors review work in the submit boards and promote works that they feel are especially deserving to the Editors’ Picks board. From there, work may be selected to appear on the PoetryCircle front page. Editors post new work on the front page frequently but on no fixed schedule.

What Do We Look For in Submissions?

Quality. If you submit something that is of unquestionably high quality but does not fit neatly into one of our predefined categories, we’ll create a new category for it.

Concerning poetry, PoetryCircle seeks to represent the full range of poetry being written today.

The attributes that will get your writing rejected include the following:

  • Sloppy grammar, punctuation, and spelling when the sloppiness is clearly not intentional
  • Clichés in diction or content
  • A style that reflects more familiarity with greeting card or “inspirational” verse than what is typically considered serious postmodern or contemporary work

Notice that we say nothing about subject matter, style, or approach. PoetryCircle editors embrace poetry written from all points of view and all poetic “schools.”

Publication Rights

By submitting your work to PoetryCircle, whether through the forum or by other means, you give PoetryCircle the right to reprint your work (if selected) on the front page and in a digest, as well as in any annual or occasional compilations that PoetryCircle may publish. All other rights revert to individual authors upon publication.

If you do not wish your work to be included either on the front page or in a digest, do not post your work to the PoetryCircle forum. There is a “not published” board on the forum where you may post work that you do not wish to be reprinted or to be visible to the public (outside of PoetryCircle members).


The PoetryCircle Showcase features small collections of work from individual writers and artists. Editors typically solicit work for the Showcase, and the best way to expose editors to your work is again through participation in the PoetryCircle Forum.


PoetryCircle is part literary review and part arts community, and in the PoetryCircle Marketplace, we’re happy to provide an area for members to advertise their work (available on the site or elsewhere, such as on Amazon) or to make their work—or work to which they hold republication rights—available to members, either for a fee or gratis. PoetryCircle provides this service for free to members. The site does not collect a fee of any kind from Marketplace items.