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Feature You can change your user name

By Jay Dougherty, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Jay Dougherty

    Jay Dougherty Well Worn Supporter Editor

    PoetryCircle is a forum designed by and for serious, experienced writers. For that reason, we discourage anonymous-sounding or fanciful "user names" or generic one-word names (e.g., "Joe," "Maria," "Sally," etc.). Instead, we encourage the use of real names or pseudonyms that are established or with which you wish to be identified as a writer. Our feeling is that if you're not comfortable writing here under your own identity or pseudonym, then this probably is not the right site for you. (There are many other sites you could join.) We have also found, not surprisingly, that instances of bad behavior typically come primarily from those hiding behind a fictitious user name; that's another reason we encourage real names or established pseudonyms.

    PoetryCircle makes it easy to change your user name if you signed up to the site using a fanciful user name or a single user name (e.g., "Marty"):
    1. Move your mouse cursor to your current user name in the upper right-hand corner, to the left of the Inbox link, and wait for the drop-down to appear.
    2. Select Personal Details.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu items on the left-hand side, and find "Change username." Click that.
    4. Do it, and you're done.
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  2. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_ Supporter

  3. Cheryl.Leverette

    Cheryl.Leverette Reading poetry, editing media

    If I thought I could do it right
    I'd make my second identity:

    Darby Shaw

    The Investigator
    The Bird Girl
    Too Good to Be True

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