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The Poetry Of Showing

By silent lotus, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  2. Giles B

    Giles B Well-Known Member

    Great them, S.  I especially like Battleship Potemkin and Rear Window.
  3. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    The Pool--©Atipo-JAZZ.jpg
    you then,,,, may also like The Poool


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  4. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    "Tell all the truth by let it slant"  wrote Emily Dickinson, truthfully.
  5. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

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  6. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    That's beautiful, SL. Actually, my typo...it should have read, "but" let it slant.
    Charley Bird knew how to slant, all right! Wish he was alive.
  7. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Trish

    just a few years back i used to have a cousin of Emily's
    in a poetry workshop i was facilitating

    seems the family meets up at the old homestead once a year
    and reads Emily's poems to each other as well as their own
    ( not open to the public )

    silent lotus

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  8. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  9. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  10. Cheryl.Leverette

    Cheryl.Leverette Reading poetry, editing media

    Really enjoyed this, silent.  Thank you.  Will certainly return for a closer look.  Interesting about the hand.
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  11. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    What a lovely image that brings to mind, Silent!
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  12. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  13. Cheryl.Leverette

    Cheryl.Leverette Reading poetry, editing media

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  14. Miya Ko

    Miya Ko Literary Polyphonist

    Silent, I'm glad you commented in my kimono thread.  Your comment made me try something that shows.  like this:

    That by this separation I may give
    That due to thee which thou deserv'st alone.
    absence! what a torment wouldst thou prove,


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  15. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_



    Radical Posters

    The oldest public collection of radical history completed a digital archive of over 2,000 posters. The Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan Library announced this month that its posters on anarchism, civil liberties, feminism, labor, and other political movements are online for the first time.

  16. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  17. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  18. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    regarding your old radicals reunion picnic sack races and fat man/s fat woman's/  race
    Life used to be more fun.
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  19. silent lotus

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  20. silent lotus

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  21. silent lotus

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    Watch a 1958 Oscar-Winning Short About Dutch Glassblowers

    In 1958, renowned Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra visited the Royal Leerdam glass factory in the Netherlands,
    where glassblowers created handmade crystal wares, as well as another factory where automated machines mass-produced glass bottles.
    The result was Glas, a mesmerizing 10-minute film that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short the following year.

    Set to jazz music, the wordless film contrasts the artful, improvisational process of traditional handmade glassblowing with its robotic, automated counterpart. At the Royal Leerdam factory, cigarette-smoking workers in newsboy caps blow long tubes with puffed cheeks, resembling horn players; their movements look like an elaborately choreographed performance. Molten glass blobs glow in the dark factory, plopping into molds and emerging transformed into crystal vases, mugs, and goblets. Equally transfixing is the mechanized version of this process, in which freshly cooled bottles travel down conveyer belts and sometimes get into traffic jams, smashing onto the floor. The contrast offers a look at the meticulous craftsmanship often lost with automatization and industrialization, although traditional glassblowing techniques are still widely practiced today.

    Glas has just been made available online via Aeon as part of its curated series of videosabout art, design, and culture.

    Link to video



  22. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    the First Artist Turned Astronaut

    While most artists and photographers undertake a stint at art school in training for their craft, Michael Najjar’s demanding choice of subject matter necessitates a more extreme approach – an intensive three-year spell at cosmonaut training centre Star City in Russia, to be more precise.
    The German adventurer is in training to become the first civilian artist to travel to outer space, and a new exhibition of his most recent body of work opening at New York’s Benrubi Gallery this week, aptly entitled outer space, both captures and visualises the futuristic world which is soon to become his immediate environment.
    The photographs on display in the exhibition will range from authentic snapshots of life as it unfurls in zero-gravity conditions, to informed depictions of fictitious realities which seek to “make visible what is invisible.

    Full Story and Images

  23. silent lotus

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  24. silent lotus

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  25. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    Putting some color into poetry


    Renowned poet Sapardi Djoko Damono is now part of the coloring book-for-adults craze,
    thanks to the initiative of former students.

    “It is a real challenge. I took it because everyone was too scared to do it. It is a burden to interpret such great poems,” he said,
    adding that he read the poems’ carefully to reflect the inner emotion of the verse.

    “Like for Aku Ingin, I see it as [describing] devotion.
    So I made an illustration of everything merging together into the sky.”

    Published in 1994, Hujan Bulan Juni has found a lasting place in Indonesian society for its simple words that carry deep meaning.
    It has been republished in different formats; from a song to a comic in 2013 and a novel in 2015. There are plans for a film next year.

    Coloring books for adults have been a hit for Gramedia, with Mirna explaining
    that the books always make the top 20 best-seller list and have reached 10,000 copies in less than a year.

    “Coloring books for adults are really happening now and Sapardi’s poetry book has good marketing as well,
    so we believe it will be interesting to combine these two formats into one book,” Mirna said.

  26. silent lotus

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  27. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    When it Rains in Boston, the Sidewalks Reveal Poetry

    Titled “Raining Poetry,” this art installation is a collaboration between the nonprofit Mass Poetry and the city of Boston.

    The first poems were installed on April 1
    to commemorate the start of this year’s National Poetry Month,
    with several more added to the city’s streets on May 13.

    Created using stencils and a water-repellant spray,
    the poems are invisible during dry, sunny weather,
    but appear like magic once raindrops start falling from the sky
    Aria Bendix writes for CityLab.

    Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart...-reveal-poetry-180959205/#2UO6rQO96kEIydBx.99

  28. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    Dutch Museum Director, Also an Artist, Gets a Show of His Own

    Willem Sandberg ( 1897 - 1984 )



    Willem told me the very first time we met in his living room in Amsterdam (1977 )

    i was 25 and he was 80
    and we discussed the importance of art
    that he felt his most important life's work was forging papers and passports
    during WWII to save Jews and others from the German occupation

    I was very fortunate to have visited with him a number of times before his passing in 1984

    silent lotus


  29. John Johnson

    John Johnson Well-Known Member

    A strange axiom, I think. The majority of the poems here seem to tell
    me to season a metric of lacy, archaic suns & moon with more
    or much less: grandpa died in a home, people divorce
    a dog was shot, I am going crazy on account of human behavior;
    [A Warning to (Sub-Population)], He/She Did/Does [Action]--
    This, then this--see?--leads to: weather, trees, leaves,
    childbirth and wind--their a final resting place.
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  30. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_