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Son of Daedalus

By Miya Ko, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. Miya Ko

    Miya Ko Literary Polyphonist Supporter

    I, too, wanted
    to confront
    the palpable aloofness
    of their god
    I tried to know
    and dim the scorching
    of the noon sun
    on my skin.

    As a child still
    clinging to the worries
    of their hands
    leashing mine
    and waiting all day
    for roadside blossoms,
    I marveled
    at stubbornness.

    Under the tree
    and the thin beryl
    of the sky,
    I gathered bird feathers
    shed for migration;
    they asked;
    and I looked up to smile,
    “For Icarus.”

    PS.  I posted this before as a 5-line tanka, but I thought it deserved to be expanded.
  2. David Belcher

    David Belcher Don't forget to be Awesome Supporter

    I was really taken by this Miya. Admired the economy here, the careful choice of words and minimal style, coupled with the imaginative touches and intimate tone. Feels fresh.
  3. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member Supporter Editor

    whoa, Miya....you've reached on this one. Skyward. Really excellent work. Belongs on the fp.
  4. Billy Howl

    Billy Howl I'm an old chaos of the sun ~ from a Stevens poem

    Good read. Loved reading "beryl". Original voice here. Good work.

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