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silent lotus // Nermin Kura ~ 2017 Roosevelt NJ 2017

By silent lotus, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_


    ARTISTS BOOK includes the work of Nermin Kura  &   silent lotus



    Roosevelt, New Jersey ...a town designed by Louis Kahn (built in 1937) has been a home to many creative people.
    This collaborative book is the 3rd RAP project/exhibition Nermin Kura has been included in since 2007.

    A limited edition of 100 books, each Signed by all 25 artists ( visual artists,poets,muscians)
    Published by the Roosevelt Arts Project_ Sept 9-2017


  2. Dax

    Dax Well-Known Member

    I want a Xmas Card
  3. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_


    sorry with an iPhone 6 ....almost impossible to  get the right strike light and see the Braille on top....
    and the embossing on the bottom
    if you click on full image and scroll you can get an idea

    the paper is actually a soft white and the text is light grey
  4. Dax

    Dax Well-Known Member

    mucho likey​

    I had an affair with a girl that read braille​
    she had a machine that scaled in the same as a dump truck​
    parked at the dinner table it was at all hours of the day and night​
    And the noise​
    I used to think the walls were coming down every time a key was struck​
    not that it even sat well with Sunday roast and gravy​
    she tried no end to teach me, y Guitarra is was not. This was no tango, kid​

    I also learned how to communicate. She was excelente, sensitive, strong ​
    She got a good job in Scotland. Tides came and went. I lost the machine​

    PS She also said always pin your socks together, never lose track of a proper pear!​

    I love my cleaner, too.​
    Best wishes to Lady N & Merlin​

  5. maggie flanagan-wilkie

    maggie flanagan-wilkie Well-Known Member

    Congrats to the both of you, s!
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  6. Jay Dougherty

    Jay Dougherty Well Worn

  7. Tim J Brennan

    Tim J Brennan Well-Known Member

    Love stuff like this.  Looks very nice.
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  8. Ben Stubbs

    Ben Stubbs Well-Known Member

    ' A poem should have the touch ... the way sunlight falls on Braille.'

    A relative of mine is deaf-blind.  I'm not really getting, with respect, how she would find the touch of such a poem comforting?
  9. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    That cover is beautiful, quiet, and yet passionate, somehow ...
  10. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Dax

    your Cleaner ?

    the kind that tidy up a crime scene  ?
  11. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Ben

    a dear friend who was the baby sitter for me and my brother when we were young
    lost her sight around the age of 17 ......afterwards she travelled and studied....became an expert advisor to museums and such
    to advise them about making their exhibits more accessible  to the visually impaired

    during the years when i was doing pointillistic paintings .....she would run her fingers over my canvases
    feel / sense the colors

    we have had many discussions over the last 5 decades on many dimensions

    i also have a cousin who was a sign teacher , translator

    i understand the situation of your relative being without sight or sound

    "the touch of such a poem"  as you say...... is about as much about a realization/awakening/satori
    as anything else

    and i feel assured that your relative has had the beauty of those in her life too

    thank you for your kindness to raise the topic

    a warm smile
    silent lotus

  12. Ben Stubbs

    Ben Stubbs Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Silent.  Whether it's a cloudy day or there's sunlight on the braille, I'm still no closer to understanding the simile and what difference it would make to a blind person, and how this links to the good or bad touch of a poem.