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Loose change

By bodkin, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...

    YouTube version:


  2. Stella Read

    Stella Read member

    standing ovation!!
    (wishI could read faster... I had to refresh a few times)

    clever and inventive
    a great post, bodkin

  3. caseyquinn

    caseyquinn Well-Known Member

    Agreed with Stella, what a great experiment!!! Really like this bodkin!
  4. marg v

    marg v New Member

    wow, Bodkin, thanks for posting this!
    I had a dreaded thought that this is the future of the internet.... free expression may be short lived...
  5. R Raymond

    R Raymond Guest

    409 slides of goodness on this one! I first looked on my iphone and didn't see anything more than one poem. Stella's comment made me fire up the computer and HOT DAMN that was good!

    Well done.
  6. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    bodlin, I really like this presentation! hard to set it up? tom
  7. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Bodkin

    this goes so very well with you tag line

    In fifteen minutes everybody famous will be in the future...

    and Loose Change

    jangles very nicely

    thumbs up !

    silent lotus
  8. tiko lewis

    tiko lewis i'm invisible

    well done!!!!

    much enjoyed. ditto Stella
    on reading faster!

  9. Oskar

    Oskar Well-Known Member


    I tried to resist the urge to join the Hallelujah chorus on my first viewing of this, as it's the words that count, not the bells and whistles. But I also like bells and whistles, and your techno presentation only added to the enjoyment of a very good poem. Fantastic effort. Really original and exciting. I enjoyed the Blade Runner reference and your use of the Blind Men and the Elephant story. A very pleasurable reading experience.

    Cheers and Hallelujah.
  10. milner place

    milner place Well-Known Member

    Very, very effective this, Ian. Apart from the inventive quality, the writing itself would also stand in conventional form, I believe. It's great to see such adventure in the possibilities of using this medium, as long as the quality is there, as in this case.


  11. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...

    Thanks Stella!

    I did dither quite a while about the right speed to dwell on each sub-poem. What you are getting there is 15 seconds. It doesn't sound long but then the poems are pretty short, and I didn't want anybody giving up before it started to change...


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  12. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...

    Thanks Casey, Marg, and Tiko,

    and glad you came back with the PC RLR! I must admit it had not occurred to me that new-fangled hand-held devices might display animated GIFs differently.

    Thanks guys!

  13. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...


    it's not so technically hard, although it did require some attention to detail to get exactly the right display for each of the held frames. It is an animated GIF and all I did was to screen-capture dozens of frames, and then composite those together using a well-known gif making program. I also took advantage of its capability to discard all the parts of every image that were not changing. I can write up the precise procedure if people want to know the ugly details. Shockwave would be capable of very similar things...

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  14. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...

    Oskar and milner,

    I am glad to hear you finding value in the content rather than the presentation. I must admit I was a little unsure about the individual poems. I had to write them in advance and it was hard to self-edit effectively, knowing they were going into an unknown form of presentation. But when I got them together I found them reinforcing each other, so I was very pleased.

    The gimmick/non-gimmick quality is hard to judge. It might count for something if I can do another? OTOH I have a strong disinclination towards repetition and at the moment there is something of a feeling that if I did another it would be "more of the same..."

    regards and thanks,

  15. bodkin

    bodkin The none and only...


    the connection with my signature hadn't actually occurred to me!

    thanks for noticing that, it's quite fun.

  16. JoseMarGuerr

    JoseMarGuerr Well-Known Member

    clever indeed! Enjoyed the show :)
  17. ljordan

    ljordan Well-Known Member

    A real test of the medium. Especially like the inferencing of change in each poem and what changes. Exceptional.

  18. tiko lewis

    tiko lewis i'm invisible

    ah yes, you beat me to it Larry.
    I wanted to give this piece time to
    be seen by all before moving it up.

    excellent work indeed.

  19. James Carver

    James Carver Well-Known Member

    loved the premise of this.much enjoyed


  20. Lynn Doiron

    Lynn Doiron Well-Known Member

    I wish I could read faster! I very much like the innovation; and very much like what I could read; but also found a tad of frustration at how the words ran away like quicksliver before I could find the full image/intent/connection to my partnership as reader in this. Still, more of my thumbs pointing UP than down. ;)