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Dunce Trump

By Tom Riordan, Apr 22, 2017.

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  1. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    You can sit me in the corner all you want.
    The stool is fine.
    The class can laugh
    and you can call my mom.
    But I won’t wear that hat.

    You see this hair?
    It won’t survive.
    You’ll all be very sorry if it gets destroyed.
    No hat.
    The cone is fine,
    I don’t mind if it’s high and pointy-topped.
    It’s just the hair.
    Sure. Send me to the principal. Expel me.
    Rap my knuckles with your rule.
    The hair is sacrosanct.

    I’ll get revenge.
    That’s not a threat, but fact.
    I can’t do anything right now,
    but if you set that hat on me,
    you better watch your back.

    You might be old and gray.
    Some grandkids my age
    might be playing on the lawn.
    And up will glide a limousine. A Cadillac.
    Believe me.
    Out I’ll climb.
    I’ll be somebody big.
    You’ll see!—tremendously important man.
    I’ll have the Law with me.
    “That one. And that,” I say.

  2. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_



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  3. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    Thank you, Silent!
    So apt.
  4. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    Good, SL....
    the rhythm of this is great, Tom...You have studied his speech and captured it.
    Like, really. Believe me.
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  5. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    Huge, big-league thanks, Trish!
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  6. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    Like my friend Dale Wisely said, "Put the baby down sloooowly, back away from the camera, put the baby DOWN"
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  7. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    Secret Service Agent is thinking wtf, donald....put the baby dowwwwn...
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  8. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    You know how I love every page of your Out The Trump Saga.  

    Please bear with me as I hijack this thread.  Barry was reading this article in The Daily Beast.


    I thank Trump from the bottom of my shoes for outing everything that made America great.  Our ignorance, our hatreds and our incredible arrogance never having acknowledged the hidden truths.  I can't imagine being born black and knowing my grandfather was hanged for his blackness, my brother for being gay and having his head bashed in for being born gay.  My mother having been raped and bearing my original sin.

    We're ordering this book:  "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.

    The last page of The Daily Beast article reads:   In Killers of the Flower Moon, that connection between whites and the Osage is best described by a member of the tribe who, during Hale’s trial is quoted as saying, “It is a question in my mind whether this jury is considering a murder case or not. The question for them to decide is whether a white man killing an Osage is murder—or merely cruelty to animals.”

    After Barry read it, I like the bear in Hafiz's poem, started weeping.

    We can not make America great again because it never was, it was and is an ideal we have yet to live.  The first step, I think, is to acknowledge our dirty business.

    ~Anna Ruiz

    p.s. My apologies, it is Hafiz, not Kabir who wrote the Two Bears Poem, one of my all-time favorites.

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  9. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  10. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    Ted Nugent's working on the Off-the-Elbow Tops!
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  11. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    The Hollywood Reporter breathlessly opined that she was so OF THE MOMENT in that au-courant top...and that's about all they had to say. I'll bet those women were watching Donald's hands very closely....
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  12. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    Funny article.  Imagine Michelle being in that state of undress.

    Isn't that an evil twinkle in the Donald's eyes?
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  13. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    indeed.......he might just replace the american flag in the oval office with a Trump flag

    it would not surprise me that one of  those trademarks that China gave to Ivanka last week was for that flag

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  14. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    Reading from one of her recent poems, Afaq Mahmoud beseeched:
    “Trump please keep your hands off of me, I am Sudanese, born in Yemen, living in the United States.”

    Describing her marginalization within Muslim communities, Mahmoud recited a line from elaborated on the poem she wrote saying,
    “Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been asked to leave.”

    “black women breathe flowers too,”

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  15. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

  16. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    That is a fine poem about a daughter's love....described in her father's hands. "Every crack, every callous (in his hands) was food on our table." Remarkably fine.
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  17. kevin mchugh

    kevin mchugh Well-Known Member

    It blows me away that liberals let Bill skate, and they crucify Trump for locker room talk. Bill's sins are far greater, but hey, he's folksy and likeable so that makes it all right.

    I've heard locker room talk, and what Trump said about grabbing pussy is virginal, compared to stuff I've heard and said.
  18. TrishSaunders

    TrishSaunders Member

    Bill O'Reilly? Naw, he's a goner, and hopefully his brethren will soon be, too, lol. (I don't think you'd like to be on the receiving end of Trump's grabs)

    Oh well, there's room for all viewpoints in pc.
  19. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    If we're talking Bill O'Reilly, he got axed because 90 (?) sponsors left.  Money is the bottom line.

    If we're talking Bill Clinton, imo, his picture should be next to the word *misogynist*... and one of the
    many reasons I despise Hillary for *standing by her man* but she was a woman with a plan, eh?

    You all know I feel about Trump.  

    This picture is thanks to John Gurney.  I told him to read Tom's poems.

  20. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_