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  1. Michael Ashley

    Michael Ashley Fuckwit Extraordinaire

    Hi Rash, Perhaps there is more going on in th Ns head than is stated. There's a break between soothes and lines that is intentional. In terms of what it conveys suppose that's up to the individual reader to decide.

    Ditto as above Rash.

    Cheers Mike
    Thanks Neli for the detailed review, appreciate your thoughts, I will be looking at that baby / line section. Agree about the mountain line I will take a look at that too.

    There is something mysterious about this place, I walk my dogs in the woods around the monestary and there is certainly an atmosphere about the place.

  2. David Belcher

    David Belcher Don't forget to be Awesome

    This could be part of the poem, or some version of it. What Neli said about sound in the poem is interesting.