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A Messiah Morning

By silent lotus, Oct 28, 2017.

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  1. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

  2. Tom Riordan

    Tom Riordan member

    Wonderful, Silent! Tom
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  3. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Tom

    many thankyuuus

    silent lotus

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  4. Mark Prisco

    Mark Prisco Well-Known Member

    you have great vision. & timing
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  5. Soodabeh

    Soodabeh Well-Known Member

    I wish there were some other options to click here such as: how wonderful, fascinating or stunning! You nailed it. Can't stop re-reading.

    Much Love
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  6. Soodabeh

    Soodabeh Well-Known Member

    Can I share this on my Twitter and FB?
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  7. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    The many ways silence speaks and creates vision and feeling, ahhh...
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  8. Michael Ashley

    Michael Ashley Fuckwit Extraordinaire

    Fab SL.  Tu elefante es muy Ăștil - de verdad?

    Love the juxta between the two yet somehow the connection.

    Nice one
  9. Tim J Brennan

    Tim J Brennan Well-Known Member

    The summer I stayed in Manhattan, I found a sidewalk coffee shop. Wandering all the museums, seeing all the sights & shows was fun, but sometimes that solitary seat drinking java and people watching (and listening) was twice as much fun.  I can still do that where I live but it's not the same. Not even close.   

    Enjoyed the read for where it took me.
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  10. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Soodabeh

    such acts of kindness
    are the little miracles
    that bring sunshine to a gray cold rainy day in the land of windmills

    i don't use twitter or FB
    i hope you can post the entire image
    without losing the fine print at the bottom

    many thankyuuus
    & a warm smile from Rotterdam

    silent lotus
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  11. Soodabeh

    Soodabeh Well-Known Member

    I hope the wind doesn't lose my best wishes when it swirls across the mills! So, you're in Netherlands! Sure Lotus, I take a pic of that and share as it is.
  12. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    it is already an image
    you can drag it on to your desktop
    and it will remain crisp and clear
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  13. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Mark

    i'm grateful for the vortex

    which is one your pen also often shares in

    a warm smile
    silent lotus

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  14. maggie flanagan-wilkie

    maggie flanagan-wilkie Well-Known Member

    Those first eight line are genius, s. Nicewrite.  maggie
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  15. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Soodabeh

    i'm very grateful for your kindness of such a warmth in reply
    and many many thankyuuus for your saying you would share the poem on your Facebook and twitter

    i don't have an account on either ....but if you send me links maybe i will be able  to view them as a visitor

    a warm smile
    silent lotus

  16. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    Silent, do you snore?  :)

  17. Soodabeh

    Soodabeh Well-Known Member

    That's my real pleasure dear Silent. Sure, I'm sending the links below. For Facebook, I shared your poem for friends only so you couldn't see that if you have no account. I'm changing that post to public now and hope you can see.

    FB:  soodabeh.saeidnia
    My Twitter: @SSaeidnia


  18. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Soodabeh

    that is wonderful
    i was able to share the links with my wife who is in America now
    and she truly enjoyed them

    if you use this link you will find some of her art pieces


    and a studio view in this thread


    a warm smile
    silent lotus

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  19. Soodabeh

    Soodabeh Well-Known Member

    You are most welcome dear Lotus, glad your wife liked that, pls send my regards to her and say just wow, so beautiful artworks of her. You both are wonderful artists! Bless you :)
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  20. Mary London

    Mary London Member

    silent lotus,

    loved the images  in this one
    love your ability
    to say more with less

    in your wife's case
    more, more!
    her art is beautiful
  21. Daniel J. Flore III

    Daniel J. Flore III Well-Known Member

  22. Jordan Trethewey

    Jordan Trethewey Fly on the wall

    Hey, SL,
    Great vibe. Your signature mystery is, once again, ever-present.
    The top stanza could stand as it's own solitary pachyderm. But I realize the are package deal. ;)
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  23. Anna Ruiz

    Anna Ruiz I have the same religion as that tree over there.

    Silent, Love Nermin's recent...the colours in Passage, the lighting in eggscape 22, the designs in topeggraphy13 & 9, love the angles and shadows of Merlin; You are both blessed with one another--such creative art that speaks from & with--dare I say it, a silent heart.  The womb of creativity.
  24. Jan Harper

    Jan Harper Well-Known Member

    this one keeps bringing me back, and back.... :cool:

    originality to the nth degree
  25. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Michael

    yes the elephant's ears are truly great antennas
    and they belong to the messiah with the head cloth

    juxta smiles of connection
    silent lotus

  26. Ashley Nebelsieck

    Ashley Nebelsieck Well-Known Member


    much better than the bicycles i keep slipping into people's ears lately :)
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  27. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    dear Tim

    for certain the infliction of inflections and dialects
    are of the secret secret ingredient universe
    that allows the sidewalk table to be one of the finest walk through museums

    i'm glad your loitering brings you as much pleasure as does mine
    regardless of where longitude or latitude of life resides

    silent lotus

  28. Desiree Wright

    Desiree Wright Alphabetter

    First half works.  Prefer her moving curls
    to rollers. She's too cool for rollers. She
    hailed a gypsy cab and rode off.  Eclipse
    not working for me. Over reaches.  I do
    that a lot too.
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  29. Michel R. Rosquete

    Michel R. Rosquete Well-Known Member

    having a lot of fun putting together first and second halves!

    I also have problems with "eclipsed"

    love it!
  30. silent lotus

    silent lotus _-_== Loiterer ==_-_

    you will have to ask Merlin ?