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Vidya Panicker: The Bounded Rationality of Love
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • Brown-White
    Hold my hand, walk with me on my land
    I will show no bias against your white skin

    Leaning against your chest, I'll count your heartbeat
    as you smell the coconut oil on my unrestrained hair

    Speak to me, in your delicious, regal accent
    I will reply in my lighter one

    Tell me how enchanted you are by my
    long dark eye lashes and skin, the color of sunset

    Let us bathe in the jungle stream
    scrub ourselves with Basil and Neem leaves

    Then sit on its bank, wrapped in each other
    lick honey from our palms

    Like the stem of wild jasmine, i will climb on you
    give and take, the whole night

    In the morning, from our bed of the most tender flowers
    crushed and moist under our passion

    Let us watch the glorious sun rise

    Love at sunset
    We were two people in love, crazy
    to walk the burning afternoon sands

    The approaching dusk looked
    tantalizing. We stayed
    to watch the sunset

    Do you remember
    the scraped ice, filled in paper cups
    that we bought?
    Yours was raw mango flavor
    mine, sweetened beetroot
    That little boy who sold peanuts
    hardly left our side
    hoping we would kiss

    As the soothing rays
    of setting sun enveloped us
    your eyes told me
    what my heart wanted to hear.

    My dreams, and yours too

    'I had that dream again', I tell him,
    'of you and me, under the banyan tree by the river'

    He smiles,
    'What were we doing?'

    'Don't you know?', I ask him, blushing

    'No, I don't', he replies

    He knew of course,
    of the shameless cuckoo that kept staring,
    the dents that shifted under our weight on the heated sand,
    the anklet that got lost in the flurry of embracing bodies.

    The book named ‘you’

    'Talking to you', he says
    'is like reading a beautiful book'

    'Which one?', I ask

    'Sometimes a Tagore', he replies
    and galore'

    'And at times a Shakespearean drama', he continues
    and mysticism of the seen
    and the unseen'

    'But most of the times
    a Gabo', he concludes

    'Which Gabo?', I ask him
    'The one about the foretold death?'

    'No', he smiles
    'The other one which speaks about
    everlasting love'

    Dreams that never were

    You and I

    Two children holding hands
    running along the mud-banks of the field
    ripe paddy threads
    dancing in the wind

    Our feet smeared in sticky clay
    we tip toe into the portico

    Ant bites on your body
    which I count to 17
    after you gallantly climb
    the mango tree in the backyard for me

    Rains we savor
    with banana leaf as our umbrella

    Plays from Ramayana and Mahabharata
    we watch together in the temple ground
    sitting on pink advertisement papers
    munching peanuts

    That little mark of sandal wood paste
    on your forehead, my privilege

    Remainders of a childhood
    we never had

    Final gift

    From the potted Holy basil plant
    you gifted me
    I reverently pull out 2 leaves
    every day

    I boil one in my tea
    drink the brew
    chew and swallow the leaf

    The other
    I place in front of my lighted lamp

    So we both remember.
  • Vidya Panicker lives in God's own country Kerala, India and is a staunch devotee of Goddess Saraswati, who is also known as Goddess Vidya. So you see the connection, don't you? She is a doctoral student in management in the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. When she is not reading undecipherable papers by business gurus, she chases her kids, Siddhi and Janaki around the house or writes silly poems.
  1. jishaashok
    You are very true when you said "Beauty, faith, tradition and galore, and stories of everlasting love" you are!
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  2. Vidya Panicker
    Thank you Jay, Serban and Haidar!
  3. You write like a delicate flower.
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  4. Serban Raducu Bogdan
    Lovely indeed. The first and the third are my favorite.
    Vidya Panicker likes this.
  5. Jay Gandhi
    Lovely poems vidya. The first is my favorite :)
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  6. Vidya Panicker
    Thank you kind people :)
  7. tiko lewis
    this is very fine!
    i love the miriad of tastes
    and smells.

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  8. Cheryl.Leverette
    Wonderful, Vidya!
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  9. Lance Rocks
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  10. Vidya Panicker
    Thank you all, most of these poems are very personal. Glad that these invoked your interest.
  11. Michael Ashley
    A beautiful collection V! Smiling all the way through.

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  12. user1234
    A beautiful collection of poems Vidya.
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  13. Jon Anderson
    Vidya, you are so talented. Congratulations on taking this well deserved place in the Showcase!
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  14. Tom Riordan
    Sweet collection, yes. tom
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  15. maggie flanagan-wilkie
    You've put together a lovely group of poems, V.
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  16. TrishSaunders
    Those are all glorious poems. The first, Brown-White made me catch my breath. Final Gift was equally good, in a different way. I like the ordering of these very much. Well chosen. I feel like I know you a little better after reading these.
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