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tiko lewis: all natural zero calorie existence
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • cutouts

    i am beautiful

    museum quality bone

    i don't speak of the things
    that were cut away

    in the garage

    or hung in the closet with piano string
    there are bits too
    hidden in the broom's straw

    or wiped into the edge
    where counter meets sink

    i get what i can—

    and fumes—

    try to keep
    that first fire burning

    keep that feeling
    of running towards rain


    how silly are we

    did you know smiles smell
    oh yes, some of popcorn and jelly beans
    some of fried chicken and champagne
    stale ice
    coach's tobacco or a step-father's cock
    the stink of life
    jutting up through everybody's teeth
    like there's something bubbled in the gut
    and it just won't pass


    survey for the damned

    can you outlast the pelting

    can you escape the tar

    can you endure being sketched—
       sit while the old man
       drags coal across your page

    can you survive the space
    between hardened and dead

    can you make it through night
    without  jumping into the flame


    shake me when it rains

    it's magical
    how we sit under trees
    on fine days
    like this one
    dirt jammed in our mouths
    ignoring how everything is nearly dead
    or already stinking

    we can't see
    no one pulled the cloth from the table
    they kicked it over
    then smashed what wasn't broken

    it's magical
    how it will soon end
    in the shade
    our mouths still jammed
    and necks dry


    all natural zero calorie existence

    i've found no line through the mountain

    nothing to pull or fall from

    live by or die on


    10 second rule

    i missed my chance

    it's too late
    for the water
    to work

    i missed my chance

    and must fall
    into the nails

    the black bird
    sits at the table
    and my handlers
    have fled

    the pretty girls
    stuffed in sheets

    there's no chance
    for me now

    the door is


    take me where the magic happens

    i am in favor
    of dying

    crawling backwards
    through the fire

    or any activity
    that allows another
    to impose their
    on my
    final hour

    has its own taste
    and it stains
    the back-right portion
    of the tongue

    i'm not powerless
    to pick the day

    but will accept
    any help

    or intervention


    black train

    we got high

    the night
    wholly cold
    from floor
    to wall
    like squares
    of a toilet paper roll
    after subtractions
    for bloody noses
    and men who dab their tips
    (like their women trained them)

    at the butcher

    clean cuts
    never felt



    i reached the end of the trees

    is there a thing artificial
    as the white of a birch



    raised voices
    where forest and fire collide

    Jesus comes through the window

    biting down on bone
  • tiko passes the day in a cube and spends nights in a club.
    he writes from time to time,
  1. Mara Sigal
    Some of these are devastating: 'outcasts' and 'survey of the damned' and 'take me where the magic happens'. All are lovely.
    Jay Dougherty likes this.
  2. Praveena
    Tiko  is always THE BEST!
  3. Sharon Leigh
    These are phenomenal, Tiko. Much enjoyed
  4. J.S. Jones
    Visceral.  Nostalgic but in a modern sense.  Very cool.  I especially enjoyed "cutouts" and "black train".
  5. So cool. Thank you
  6. Vidya Panicker
    Remarkable collection Tiko...I read each poem and told myself, 'this is my favorite', of course, until i read the next!
  7. Dax
    About time, amigo—
                                       forever yours

    Thank you, Jay
    Tuesday, June 2, 2015
  8. Michael Ashley
    Yeah great little collection Tiko! Very nice!
    tiko lewis likes this.
  9. Julia Schott
    tiko lewis likes this.
  10. Jay Dougherty
    there should be an ebook version.
    Cheryl.Leverette and tiko lewis like this.
  11. Lavonne Westbrooks
    THE showcase I've been waiting for!
    tiko lewis and Jay Dougherty like this.
  12. Jon Klein
    Sublime. Work.
    tiko lewis and Jay Dougherty like this.
  13. Tom Riordan
    This is great, Tiko! Tom
    tiko lewis and Jay Dougherty like this.
  14. TrishSaunders
    I'm happy to be the first one to comment on this showcase. It's beautiful Tiko. dead and entitled definitely spoke to me.
    Bravo and well done!
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