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Sonja Benskin Mesher: lost
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • :: man on a bath ::
    where is the power house,
    metal books he said.

    concrete palaces for those
    that prey.

    he grew it plant like,
    fought it,
    numbered it

    glue boards of writing
    stuckt with words.

    drawing into the process
    of nothing,
    his life of mind
    in metal made large.

    I am small in this place.

    I have seen him take photographs.

    i am small in this place

    slate looms large
    thrown unbalanced
    waiting for water
    to start the slide

    small boys know to run
    at the noise, shelter
    from the war.

    I know no such thing,
    my soul slides into mud,

    i am small

    . shout at the wind .
    can you clamber
    through rocks
    slipping into water
    oily boots leaking?
    can you stride out
    over dewy moors
    peat bogged
    with no direction?
    will you come with me
    to these places
    my spaces
    and make history?
    will you sit a while
    amid the berried hedges,
    will we shout at the wind,
    running, laughing
    that this is ours
    for the taking

    will you stay home,
    stay safe
    and bleed?

    . the photographers .
    leather bound book strapped,
    all in  the same  gentleman’s club,
    where I have no entry.

    pictures reflect integrity
    ingenuity synchronisity
    all bled.

    what is the meaning here,
    i said there was none in mine
    from me,
    only what you see…..

    you see, there is no piano….

    . 49 deliverance .
    they come in groups
    watching the hawfinches
    by my gate. by my gate
    it fell, the hawfinch.
    i had driven the mountain road
    back. a liitle town,avenued,
    the turning trees, adding an
    edge of solemnity. coffee
    and the price of fish,
    greeted me.
    home to find this
    big beaked bird, broken.
    they will come in groups.

    . 209 fish .
    i like fishmongers, see the fish
    laid in ice, little eyes, so i went
    in to sea. a small shop, cod one side,
    ice creams the other, dog outside.
    with a cushion, and bone, meat bone.
    may i help you?
    i should just like to look, unless
    you have herring.? no, they
    did not catch any this week.
    then i am not a very good customer.
    no, you need more training.

    . the butcher.
    so he spoke to me of
    brawn, how he boiled it
    on monday, picked out
    bits, on tuesday, when it
    had cooled.
    now it is all health and safety,
    list of ingredients, nobody
    asks him any more. most
    butchers buy it in, along side
    he had that, and all his fingers.
    it happens when it is cold, and
    he showed me his scars. white
    hair poked from his bib, the other
    butcher, is not his son. he chose
    a different career, the butcher
    just wanting him to be
    i bought a rolled breast of lamb
    at two pounds, fifty.
  1. Dave Rendle
    thank you most welcome, sonja, always appreciate your fine imagery.
    sonja benskin mesher likes this.
  2. sonja benskin mesher
  3. sonja benskin mesher
  4. Paul.....Brookes
    Love the surrealism of all of them, altering readers perspective
  5. TrishSaunders
    i have been looking forward to seeing your poems in Showcase, Sonja! They just look perfect. Like others have said, it's good to read some longer pieces.
    sonja benskin mesher likes this.
  6. sonja benskin mesher
    thank you Caroline
  7. Caroline M
    Ardderchog, mae dy farddoniaeth yn fendigedig -
    Excellent, your poetry is superb Sonja
  8. Amanda
    I'm so glad to see a collection of your work featured in the Showcase, Sonja!! Congrats.
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  9. Michael Ashley
    Shout at the wind is my favorite! Very nice collection Sonja.
    sonja benskin mesher likes this.
  10. sonja benskin mesher
    Thank you all. During the winter hope to write longer pieces, this art season has been full on x
  11. maggie flanagan-wilkie
    I really enjoyed these longer pieces of your work, Sonja.
    So glad to see your work here.  Magz
    sonja benskin mesher likes this.