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Roger Fizzerton: The Hydra's Hatstand
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
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    R43M (Fragment of)



    It's not what you sway

    >>>>>>>>>> I <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>> t <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> ' <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> s <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> t <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>> h <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> e <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>> w <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> a <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>> y <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> t <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> h <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> a <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>> t <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> y <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> o <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> u <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> s <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> w <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> a <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> y <<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>> i <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>> t <<<<<<<<<<




    Love Song, explained

    doop¹ doop doop doop
    cha-ca² cha-ca cha-ca cha-ca


    doop doop doop doop
    cha-ca cha-ca cha-ca cha-ca


    ¹ doop - as in a peach orchid, as in you left me
    ² cha-ca - think of a cat sneezing, wet snow when we first met
    ³ dip - like a kingfisher plunging, an empty house before breakfast
    4 bip - recall a cold grape bursting, a Christmas card unopened


    The wicked queen framed


    At the traffic lights

    a black 4x4​
    the driver​
    a platinum haired woman​
    gold earrings​
    tall, well built​
    totally gangster​
    the sort​
    that hangs people up by their heels​
    and does things​
    with knives​
    scary blond lady​
    really, I wasn't looking​
    oh please​

    In the Watery Woods tree house

    Stan brushed croissant fragments
    from his mustache and beard,
    and then reached for an apricot

    he considered me carefully
    and rotated the fruit

    he said:
    "Of course you know when
    is quite the wrong question...

    the real point is where."

    his teeth cut skin
    and pushed on
    through flesh

    I noticed a cow on stilts
    wander past the window

    "How do you know she's on stilts
    when you can't see her legs?"
    he asked

    "The same way you can"
    I replied
    and we both drank
    more Earl Grey.


    As we climbed down the ladder
    I noticed
    the heels
    of his boots
    were studded
    with cherries

    he struck the boat
    with a rod before
    we boarded
    to scare off 3 snakes

    both sitting in armchairs
    we drifted through forest
    I singing the songs
    of our hidden ghost-fathers
    while he checked the weather
    and reloaded the "if"

    no need for steering,
    sails or a dolphin
    the craft was a strong one
    and we both knew this water
    only flowed
    one way.

  • Roger Fizzerton is a recovering computer consultant who has always enjoyed playing with language. Fizzerton started writing poetry a few years ago. Unfortunately, he has "subsequently developed severe CWS (Compulsive Writing Syndrome)," he says. He is currently hiding out at Salford University, studying English, creative writing, and advanced bankruptcy.
  1. Roger Fizzerton
    I'm very pleased hear you enjoyed this Jenn,  and thanks for such kind words :)

  2. Jenn Zed
    Very nice!

    LOVE that first one especially for introducing a new level of concept to the idea of poetry writing and what it is and what it means in context to the extremely mundane.

    Really, very good indeed.
    Roger Fizzerton likes this.
  3. Roger Fizzerton
    Marc, Thanks for such warm words! i'm very glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Marc Woodward
    Fab, inventive and original pieces Roger, thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. Roger Fizzerton
    Thanks bodkin!  "Love Song, explained" is one of my favorites, and seems to be well received, which is nice.

  6. bodkin
    I think "Love Song, explained" is my favourite at the moment
  7. Roger Fizzerton

    "I like getting to see inside your head."

    Thanks - let me know if you find anything interesting, and I pop in and pick up!


    Thanks, very glad you like it.  I tried to give it the feel of the window of a curio shop in a H.G. Wells story, rather than a cohesive collection, just for  a change.

  8. Michael Ashley
    Great little collection Roger!
  9. Jon Anderson
    I like getting to see inside your head.
  10. Roger Fizzerton
    Thanks Julia - I'm more than happy with that!

    Jay Dougherty likes this.
  11. Julia Schott
    Weird stuff. But good.