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Milner Place: Selected Poems from "The Stream"
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • along the stream that fell from clouds

    he came upon
    a pile
    of bones

    the glaze
    and angles
    as his own

    kicked them
    in the creaming

    no use
    for them
    a head

    going upstream
    the gambling goose
    where sat
    on a bench
    a pod
    of drunken friends
    a mason
    his name
    on a slab

    while just beyond
    an undertaker’s lad
    polished the plaque
    on his coffin lid

    in peace
    he muttered
    to the clouds

    is of little interest
    to the dead


    he remembered

    the ring of horseshoes
    of carts

    a land
    full of birds
    in meadows

    sweet tea
    in harvest fields

    he recalled the stink
    of rat shit
    round empty breadbins

    servile touching
    of caps


    how strange

    it is

    that all these bits
    and pieces
    making me

    should sit here
    the end of breath
    will come
    to slaughter
    and every one

    and ashen
    lies the shadow
    in moonlight


    as you grow older

    joshua devizes toombs
    to harry

    in the morpheus
    arms hotel

    gets sharper
    day by day


    last night death sat

    in the other chair

    he had
    a pensive look

    as if unsure
    i was ill-fit enough
    to grace
    the darkness
    of his halls

    i guess
    i may stick around

    a while


    old man in a tizzy

    the cold
    not in
    the bones

    not yet

    but still
    there is a winter
    to now

    there is
    a craving
    for mulled wine

    for strawberries
    of full summer
    and attendant


    a maudlin
    is a wasting
    of scarce days


    when you are old and grey

    i fucking am

    a wind
    is brewing
    somewhere that’ll blow
    this leaf

    to fall
    to putrify
    in mulch

    or burn
    the other sweepings
    in the flame
    of all unknowings

    a robin
    grubs in snow

    a pint
    a fag
    her smile
    some stilton cheese
    with apple pie
  • Milner Place was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1930. Lived a varied and travelled life, including working in copper mines in South Africa, consultant in South America, photographer in Canary Isles, timber faller, journalist, barman, farm manager, night watchman, filling station attendant, hotelier, and 11 years as captain of working sailing vessels and yachts. Lively events were a smuggling run to Algiers during its war, and having to leave Ecuador post haste or face a charge of piracy. He also did some ocean races with the Count of Barcelona, father of the present King of Spain. Spent 3 years in Mexico, where he wrote his first poems in Spanish, which produced a small collection in Spain.

    Took to writing poems in English in his late fifties, and has since had 10 poetry books published. The latest is a selection from all his books, The man who had forgotten the names of trees, Moloko Print, by the editor Ralf Friel, with artwork from the noted artist Harald Haeuser. This volume also includes an essay on his work by the late Todd Moore.

    He has worked for BBC radio and television, as writer and presenting his poems.

    Is proud to be an editor emeritus on PoetryCircle.

    Contact via email at milnerplace@msn.com. This collection of poems is from his forthcoming book called The Stream, from PoetryCircle Press.
  1. Stella Read
    Always a joy to encounter your work, Milner. This collection, no exception. Hope you are keeping well!
  2. J.S. Jones
    Not my personal favorite style but I can definitely appreciate the individual craft and refinement and I'm a neophyte so my opinion shouldn't matter anyhow.  I just have to say though, that last 7 lines in "Along The Stream..."   Excellent.  Totally excellent.
    TrishSaunders likes this.
  3. David
    Dear Tutor,
                      I like all the poems very much. How are you going? I hope all is ok with you. Are your eyes improving? I miss you a lot. Your pupil, Richard