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Lyn Lifshin: Some Lovers
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • Some lovers

    hitch across country
    to get into your pants,
    astonished they are
    the first one. Some
    will make a dash
    exit in the middle
    of the night on your
    birthday hissing you
    are too needy and
    then, for decades,
    gasp, in letters, then
    email, how your
    body enchanted as
    no others had.
    Want to meet in
    Paris or Madrid.
    Some are in for the
    chase, see you as
    prey, a wild doe they
    wouldn’t know
    what to do with
    except shoot


    On the last day, Blue Spirit lake

    The native boy flashes
    eyes I'm sure could
    make a hole in tile.
    I think of him on the
    beach in a trance,
    then later, playing
    the flute. If I could
    paint or sculpt, I'd have his body


    Haven’t you ever wanted

    The kind of lover you
    will never get enough
    of and if you did, you’d
    have to die in his arms?
    Haven’t you wanted,
    especially on a day like
    today with buds on the
    edge of unfolding, to
    dance to death with a
    passion you’d never
    find in a normal lover’s
    arms? Don’t you want
    a dark fairy tale? Admit
    it, not something out
    of Desperate Housewives
    but an all consuming
    love with the power to
    destroy those who love
    too much? I’m asking
    you if you haven’t wanted
    to care so wildly, letting
    anything come in the
    way would be heresy,
    get out your red shoes. If
    you can’t give me one good
    reason not to give up
    everything for passion,
    let me try them on


    Other lovers

    want you to touch
    there and there, some
    hardly want you
    near them. Some
    expect you to score
    cocaine or weed
    tho you don’t use
    them, substitute
    nutmeg that keeps
    you in a daze. Some
    marry you and still
    won’t touch you.
    Some try but can’t
    really touch you.
    Others haunt after it
    is over, their voice
    on radio air. Others
    have hearts that
    aren’t right, some
    are heart broken.
    Some break your heart


    Remember when you wondered what it would be like?

    From the first pages in Love Without Fear
    where it said if you let a man put his tongue
    in your mouth you’ll let him do anything?

    Remember when you thought you could
    get pregnant dancing too close? How
    fingers on the outside of a sheer white
    blouse was one thing but moving in past
    the bra strap felt like a bug invading. We
    were shocked to hear Jessica’s mother and
    father took a bath together, naked. Somewhere
    else, Heathcliff adored without touching.
    Remember when some mothers forbad Snows
    of Kilamanjaro?
    Clitoris, a word I didn’t
    know but when I felt mine it seemed broken,
    peculiar. And did you look forward to
    blood in your crotch? Remember getting
    the first tampax in right, first diaphragm?
    I was sure everyone could tell by the way I
    was walking. And dear roommate, if
    you are out there reading poetry which I
    don’t suppose you do, remember how we
    lay in the dark in the pea green room,
    wondered what it would be like to have Dr.
    Fox with his red beard go down on us?
    Was it this, was it love that would rescue
    us and keep us safe from getting into
    trouble, which of course it didn’t. Still,
    somehow, older than parents with their
    litany of “never let a boy,” rarely, but once
    on a velvet brown couch in the west with
    the heat from his thigh a forest fire,
    all I could imagine, all I wanted was to
    know what he would be like
  • Lyn Lifshin's presence has been felt in the literary world since the late 1960s. She has appeared in innumerable literary journals and "little" magazines over the years. This collection was culled from multiple manuscripts that she recently submitted to PoetryCircle.

    PoetryCircle interviewed Lyn back in 2006. You'll find the interview here.

  1. Leecrowell
    I like the sex theme of these. The 'Remember...' piece is erotic.
  2. TrishSaunders
    My God, these are all wonderful.
  3. silent lotus
    thank you Lavonne for creating this feature
  4. Michael Ashley
    Fucking brilliant... I love Lyn's work!
  5. tiko lewis
    lovely work.

  6. Cheryl.Leverette
    I could read Lyn's poetry all day long.
  7. Cheryl.Leverette
    haven't read the poems yet, but the current art work is beautiful.
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