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Lance Rocks: Tapping Out The Hours
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • Just Rest
    The reason for writing will come.
    Birds will peck at the lime outside your door.
    The solid gray density of fall along the coast
    will someday make summer again.

    Just rest, you've earned it.
    There's no way to repeat those moments
    on the stage, or out on the desert with the girl
    you so much loved. The desert is still there.


    Thanks To The Academy
    There's this little towhead kid who
    believes in Roy Rogers and doesn't know how damaged
    he is. That would come later. That would come after
    the Easter egg hunts and dances in garages with
    other naked boys, swim trunks hung like flags
    from their stiff little members.


    So As Not To Starve
    Laugh laugh laugh, I did it.
    Cough cough cough, I can't speak.
    I was born to think and write, to look
    the world askance. But the system
    wanted me to sell.

    This is not my game, this bout of commerce--
    something I was given but attempted to avoid.
    I didn't eat for years because food in the city takes
    money: I got hungry. Then, instead of leaving, I ate.


    Tapatio Leaves A Mellow Tingle In Your Mouth
    I sat on the sugary sand, eating my Chronic taco.
    Onions, pico, a dollop of guacamole with warm carnitas
    stewed in a delicate juice. It smelled like Tijuana and
    ate like a pocket of Paradise: the corn, the juice,
    the mashed avocado - delicious!

    The sun was warm but muted through clouds, much
    like the jellied ultrasound probing my crotch at 8:00
    in the morning. "Cancer?" I'd thought on the table.
    "No, not cancer. Not now."

    The hillock of ice plant was speckled with purple flowers
    earning their tough living on the sand. Petals had opened
    to show golden centers for hovering bees. My face
    was a golden center; my body a purple petal.
    And oh, the Tapatio tasted good.


    One Comes To Understand
    I lectured on the feeling of being
    closer to death than to birth.
    They, being young, nodded yes
    without knowing.
    Time played its gentle discipline,
    enforcing its irreducible rhythm
    even on what I spoke, even on
    what I wrote.
    The moment was tasty,
    it nourished.
    How could I tell them
    time itself is the feast.
  • Lance Rocks has a background in theater, advertising, and marketing. He and his partner, Lori, live and work in Newport Beach, CA (USA). Their bird, Blueboy, is a well-respected parakeet.
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  1. powers
    I happened upon these by accident and returned looking for them.  These are really good Lance!  Every one of the collection has something to offer.  I am not sure which one I like the best, I suppose "One Comes To Understand."  And the Tapatio poem makes it all sound sooo good.
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  2. Rachel.
    Fine collection, Lance. Tapatia leaves A tingle in your mouth is my favourite though all the rest are great too.
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  3. Just found this work - its incredible. First class.
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  4. MK1000
    I really loved these pieces.... a lot to think about
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  5. Lance Rocks
    Thank you, Baubak, much appreciated. I am on a summer hiatus from poetry to build a new bodysurfing website, which is sponging up all my creative juices at the moment. Back soon!
  6. Creating premises in poetry is an art by itself, you have done such wondrous work of that. Thank you.
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  7. Lance Rocks
    Here's a short piece (likewise under "Discussion") describing where this Showcase has led me as a writer:

    Where I Hope to Go Next
  8. Lance Rocks
    I have posted a short description under "Discussion" of the two primary editorial techniques used to put this showcase together:

    Cutting and Dramatic Structure
  9. Vasile Baghiu
    I like your poems, Lance, and especially this paradoxical line: "The reason for writing will come."
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  10. Tracy Mitchell
    Lance, what an incredible treat to find these gems.  I know I'll be back over and over again.  I look forward to reading your thoughts on your listed topics.
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  11. Cheryl.Leverette
    Wonderful to see "Just Rest' on the front page, Lance!  Such a lovely poem.
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  12. Vidya Panicker
    Such beautiful lines...look great on front page too dear Lance!
  13. Lance Rocks
    Thank you Gidney and all. During the coming week I will share my thoughts on three topics related to this collection:

    1. Cutting
    2. Dramatic Structure
    3. Future Goals

    Happy Sunday!  :  = )
  14. Jon Anderson
    Just read these again. So good Lance.
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  15. TrishSaunders
    Looks terrific on  the front page.
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  16. David Belcher
    I've  been away from Poetrycircle for a while, giving my brain a rest, so I was attracted to the first poem very much. Got it.

    The other poems are an unexpected bonus. I've read some of them before, but it reminds me what a seasoned poet you are.
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  17. TrishSaunders
    Well, I'm speechless, but only for a moment,
    let me say,  I expected these to be very very good, but instead they  take my breath away. Word: stunning.
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  18. Michael O'Regan
    Loved, 'So as not to starve'
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  19. Tom Riordan
    Nice to see these gathered!
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  20. Jay Dougherty
    I had not seen any of these before but really enjoy the humor, the stories, the wisdom ("instead of leaving, I ate") with deadpan delivery. These make me want to see more, collected, one to a page.
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