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Kris Rhodes: BRROOP
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • Imperative #1

    Continue to be victims
    of this harmful native
    ritual. Have a cold one
    on me. Contain more
    carcinogens than normal
    cigarettes. Remember.
    Remember. Speculate
    that the cause of the blast
    is unknown. Please remain
    standing. Put your right
    hand in. Multiply line
    three. Store in a cool
    dry place. Accept terms
    of surrender only if
    immunity is granted.
    Do not masturbate
    until instructed. Move
    the first letter to the end
    of the word. Replace
    the seventh spatula.



    I like a messy look.
    Ketchup in your hair
    and I'm yours.
    But do not lay
    your shit on me.
    These organs are to remain pristine.

    Some people have magic fingernails
    which develop a layer of dirt underneath
    over time no matter which activity
    they have been engaged in. Even
    sitting there with hands on a table.
    The watched nails never become dirty,
    but turn your eyes away one time, glance
    outside just for a second and brroop.
    I am one of these people and it feels
    like you're judging me right now.

    You take a shower, I'll wash
    the sheets. Do not use my toothbrush
    until I'm done with it.
    No I will not join you
    because I don't need to shower
    because you,
    you beautiful filth,
    you touch me in just the right way.


    Christian Rock or Bon Jovi or Something

    The radio played
    the entire time
    perfectly audible.

    I hadn't noticed.
    You absently turned
    into the lot murmuring

    about groceries.
    I hate all music


    Prescription (Imperative #5)

    When next you feel
    the aforementioned ache

    take my advice: concentrate
    on the throb, the burn,
    notice it still hurts but
    you don't mind so much.

    Now examine the effect
    itself. Apply it once more.
    Concentrate, the hurting-

    but-not-minding beginning
    now to fade. Think about
    how you don't mind me

    being so right but you
    kind of do. Afterwards,
    call me up with all your

    and comments.


    The Best Moments of Our Lives

    The wife left me
    when our children died.
    The house burned down.
    They found tumors
    in some of my bones.
    I peaked in high school.


    At the Conclusion of a Game of Go

    A final stone;
    the rain falling outside.
    Inside, the thunder.
  • Kris is a philosophy professor, board game hobbyist, and father of a surprisingly large number of children. He lives in Indianapolis. He claims he tries to write poetry that doesn't say anything. Saying things is what prose is for.
  1. bodkin
    'Imperative #1' is my favourite here...
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  2. brendan christopher
    good stuff, kris.  i would have liked to see your poem about death in reverse included here, but that's just a personal favorite.  at any rate, congrats!
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  3. Kris Rhodes
  4. Michael Ashley
    Omg that last one!
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  5. Michael Ashley
    Love this.
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  6. Kris Rhodes