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Dax: Love in a cold climate
Part of the PoetryCircle Showcase series.
  • dead sea promise
    I got back last night with a stainless steel chip pan
    and block of lard the size of a house brick, lying there
    I thought of nothing else, olive oil is for wimps
    and no fish worth its salt deserves such a fate to end there

    ghostly, endless night
    effortlessly, winning

    pretty much, girth and gear
    they handed me a spade, told me to dig
    hard work was my friend, called me Tom
    never heard the womb word. We all just
    took a piss, no one spoke of fucking much
    the big girls looked different on a bucket
    never stood nor ate food just same as us.

    passive news is unimpressive
    rabid man rips skin from scull of victim during struggle with pet
    — just kill the bastard, pet
    sensitivity formula for today is not a matter for the hi-lo glee club
    "umpteenth" is a kinda word. Tell the fat lady to keep singing, Prats!

    I was
    first at the boys' crate
    first to round my lips
    sink teeth into silver foil
    feel a hand-chilling glass
    under my nose, share
    in its nourishment
    I was
    in need of change, they said
    prostrate in sorrow, reduced
    to the plunder of thieves
    I never-ever knew God
    but always say grace for the Cow.


  • I regret to inform you due to circumstances out of my control
    a bio will be impossible to provide at this time.

    foto ©silent lotus
  1. Michael Ashley
    Enjoying this again. Remembering how fun it was hunting down these gems in the myriad of journals and rejected work. Lol
  2. Danielle Prasad
  3. TrishSaunders
    Wonderful photo by Silent Lotus.
  4. Jay Gandhi
    nice collection!
  5. Lavonne Westbrooks
  6. silent lotus
    we can do this and tango by fall
                    ciao, Dax


    well deserved show case recognition DR !

    Thanks to Mr Ashley

    wonderful to collaborate together again
    a silent lotus winter photo  with your pen

    silent lotus

    Cheryl.Leverette likes this.
  7. Cheryl.Leverette
    Oh my gosh!  I'm so so glad to see this here.
  8. Michael Ashley
  9. Lance Watson
    Send me a fax, Dax, with poems in it.
  10. Jon Klein
    Makes me want to see a larger collection in order to be able to get some grasp on the writer overall.
  11. Kurt Nimmo
  12. TrishSaunders
    I admit I was looking forward to reading your bio, Dax...
    Jon Klein likes this.
  13. Lance Rocks
    I've never seen your poetry laid out in this fashion. Brilliant - 5 Stars.
  14. TrishSaunders
    very well done
  15. Tom Riordan
    What a treat!