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Timelines 2014-09-16

Debut Collection

  1. Carolyn O'Connell
    Dear Circle Members,

    This is my debut collection, 66 pages, and was published by Indigo Dreams in August 2014. As I'm a new member I hope you will look kindly at my post and forgive any errors in bringing this to your notice. I am a member of poetrypf.com where you will be able to find more about me. These are some of the cover quotes and a taster poem to give a flavour of the book:

    Beautiful tender poems, rich in many ways: in O’Connell’s unique linguistic turns, where ‘hymns’ can be ‘conducted / by spiralling arcs of Spitfires’; in detailed imagery and its expression, whether the serenity of a single flower petal or the incessant shifting in a cityscape; in its unflinching observation of the ties that bind. Change whistles through these flawlessly-musical lines, wherein ‘emotions / are gathered with the fruit to savour / through the cold’... Timelines has a vital energy that I know will draw me back to it. Anne Stewart, poetry p f

    Timelines fascinates me. Carolyn writes on many themes and her poems- 'Traces of Time', 'Before the Wedding' and 'Diamonds', made me recognise all the charms and traditions of marriage. I have to mention her poem- 'Time Lag'. It tells us about a tradesman’s job of plastering; how wiping himself with ‘yesterday’s newspaper sculptured’, Carolyn knows the artistic approach of the waiting and the plasterer’s waiting effects of the drying. I could go on, captivating poems to choose from, - 'The Art of Waiting', the skill learned through time. 'Approaching Charing Cross', the old and new train lines, posters and more. Johanna Boal

    i.m. Vivian Stanshall.
    His caravan rides the river
    drawn by gardens four in hand
    reins are hawsers, outriders’ buoys,
    the tin bow of its roof hides
    remains of cabins, the floor.
    Where the geese nest it‘s tied,
    a bend where the past throws up,
    beyond the silent eel island
    fuse-lined to his sound.
    Stare and you’ll see him there
    painting this much drawn view,
    a man in a Monet hat, blond
    bearded roll-ups and brushes to hand.
    Carolyn O'Connell ©