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Ear Evolution by R. Evan Pitts 2014-01-18

Rare, out-of-print poetry book published by Clock Radio Press.

  1. Jay Dougherty

    Ear Evolution and Other Poems
    By R. Evan Pitts

    Publication Date: 1986
    Publisher: Clock Radio Press
    Cover Art: Markus Gröbner
    Rare, out-of-print


    Ear Evolution
    Having the Trees Over for Sunday Dinner
    The Ceiling People
    Dancing Ducks
    The Closet
    My Friends the Old People
    The Room
    The Street Vendor
    Mr. Brahma in New York
    The Cutting of the Bride
    The Dying Sun
    The Mailman
    Future Shock
    The Victim
    Free Verse


Recent Reviews

  1. David Belcher
    David Belcher
    Version: 2014-01-18
    Enjoyed this.
  2. Jenn Zed
    Jenn Zed
    Version: 2014-01-18
    Loving this.
    1. Jay Dougherty
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Michael Ashley
    Michael Ashley
    Version: 2014-01-18
    Great, loving these publications... Keep them coming!
    1. Jay Dougherty