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Clock Radio 6/7 2014-02-25

Spring 1987

  1. Jay Dougherty
    This was the penultimate issue of Clock Radio, which I took from being an experiment of 16 pages in 1984 to something that I could scarcely manage by 1987. Those were the days. As with PoetryCircle, I grew Clock Radio by contacting poets directly and asking them to submit work. In those days, of course, the "contacting" took much longer--by mail.

    Instrumental to the growth of Clock Radio and other little magazines of the era, too, was the International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses, by Dustbooks, which seems still to be around but I suspect is on life-support. Take the Directory, hard work, and word of mouth, and you had yourself a publication in those days. It helped, of course, to have some well-known contributors, and I was able to attract them with Clock Radio (I guess my letters were good). Charles Bukowski was a mainstay, as were Lyn Lifshin and a few others.

    By the time of Clock Radio 6/7, this little magazine had grown well beyond my ability to keep up with it. The submissions were overwhelming. In scanning this issue to give to the PoetryCircle community, the memories came back pretty clearly. It was December, and I and my girlfriend of the time had gone to Florida from snowy Connecticut for a couple of weeks. When we got back, the old Honda Accord was completely covered in snow. I dug it out, and the first thing I did was drive to the post office, for I had had my mail held there. I still remember the look on the Post Office clerk's face when I showed up. He brought out a huge mail sack full of submissions for Clock Radio--maybe it was two mail sacks (I'm not sure). I had never seen so much mail in my life before, and I had never seen a mail handler's mail sack, either (Bukowski would have, of course).

    So I schlepped that mail sack back to our graduate school apartment and dumped the letters out onto our kitchen table in the winter sun.

    The result was a "double issue" of Clock Radio. And here it is.

    Silly stuff. Silly story. But there you have it.

    And here are the authors:

    Charles Bukowski
    Walt Phillips
    Robert Parham
    Lyn Lifshin
    James Alexander
    Ned Pendergast
    R. Evan Pitts
    Tom Clark
    Ralph Dranow
    Deborah Syler
    Gregory Burnham
    Edmund Conti
    Cliff Dweller
    Gerald Locklin
    Nichola Manning
    Raymond L. Fausel
    Michael T. Calvert
    Michael Skau
    S. Loy
    Michael Hathaway
    John G. Eisner
    Christopher Franke
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Recent Reviews

  1. Michael Ashley
    Michael Ashley
    Version: 2014-02-25
    Love this one. Smart and well presented.
    1. Jay Dougherty
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I got better as I went along. Still all produced on a typewriter...along with a good artist for the cover!