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Clock Radio #2 - Bukowski Issue 2014-01-11

Clock Radio #2 - Bukowski Issue

  1. Jay Dougherty

    Clock Radio #2: Charles Bukowski Issue

    Publication Date: June 1985
    Editor: Jay Dougherty
    Assistant Editor: Anke Wienand
    Art: Markus Größner
    Availability: Out of print, rare


    Charles Bukowski
    party's over
    hard times
    my buddy
    working out​
    Robert Peters
    Tom Clark
    untitled 1
    untitled 2​
    Janet Gray
    The 9-Year-Old from Outer Space​
    Lyn Lifshin
    He Said He'd Slept
    Throwing Out the Diaphram
    Men and Taxes​
    Charles Bukowski

Recent Reviews

  1. Michael Ashley
    Michael Ashley
    Version: 2014-01-11
    Yeah this is great. Love Lyn's poetry.
    1. Jay Dougherty
      Author's Response
      There's often a lot to pick through, but yeah, the good is very good.
  2. Tom Riordan
    Tom Riordan
    Version: 2014-01-11
    what a great issue!
    1. Jay Dougherty
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Tom. A. Working on releasing all issues of Clock Radio here. It is a process.