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Editorial Policy

PoetryCircle LLC is a forum for experienced writers. If, like us, you've grown tired of searching the Internet for a community of serious poets and writers, you may have finally found your poetic oasis online. We favor quality over quantity here; you'll see that at every turn. We'll leave the greeting card verse to other sites.

The point here is to have a site that offers not just static pages of poetry—a mere port of the paper-based literary journal that is so common on the Web today. Instead, we want PoetryCircle to be interactive, and thus the technological foundation of the site’s most active component (the forum) is that of a message board, where members may submit their writing, comment upon the writing of others, and converse with other writers.

Beyond that, however, the concept of editorial oversight from the paper world is retained but applied here with a twist. We make it easy to find work that we consider especially meritorious by having the roving editors of the site cull what they feel to be the best poems from the Submit Your Poetry or Submit Your Prose boards and move them into the Editors' Picks board. Editors have the tools to move threads (poems or other writing) from one board to another.

As we have quite a few well-qualified editors from varied backgrounds and with wide-ranging tastes, readers should be able to enjoy a site that offers both quality and diversity.

If you would like to submit work to the site, first join PoetryCircle, read the Guidelines for Submission, and then create a New Topic for each poem that you wish to submit.

Special note: Because this is a forum of and for advanced writers, we encourage you to sign up using your real name, the pen name by which you are widely known, or the pen name by which you would like to be widely known. Using a fanciful user name will not endear you to the other writers at PoetryCircle, and if you begin posting under a fanciful name, you will likely be asked to change it.

You may also, of course, join simply to participate in conversations or start topics. But remember: this is not a traditional send-in-your-work-and-be-judged journal. To get the most out of PoetryCircle, you must join and contribute.

If you would like to be considered as an editor on this site, join PoetryCircle, contribute, and then contact one of the current editors to express your interest.

Suggestions regarding any enhancements to the site are welcome. It is organic, delightfully flexible, and will grow in whatever fashion the members desire. If you like the site, please spread the word.