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Guidelines: Behavior

PoetryCircle LLC is a not-for-profit site created by poetry enthusiasts and run by poetry enthusiasts. Everyone involved in the running and maintenance of this site volunteers their services. Therefore, in order to minimize the amount of time that the volunteers spend mediating disputes among members instead of reading and commenting upon the writing submitted, we have instituted the following guidelines regarding behavior. Editors will enforce these rules at their discretion.

  1. Do not attack or insult other members in your responses to their work or elsewhere through this site.
  2. Do not call other members names that they may reasonably consider to be offensive.
  3. Do not attack other members in the original writing that you post here.

PoetryCircle has a "warning" system that editors may use against violators of these guidelines. Two warnings will result in a ban that may be temporary or permanent.

Beyond these ground rules of behavior, there are no restrictions on the style, form, or content of writing posted to PoetryCircle. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy the community.