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  • Please help support PoetryCircle 2017

    PoetryCircle is fueled on support from members--nothing more. There's no revenue from ads, subscriptions, or book sales. Site costs include hosting, software, maintenance, upgrades, plug-ins, annual LLC fees, and more--all with the purpose of creating the best site for creative artists that we can. Your support can help us to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency. It will also be (optionally) acknowledged by a "supporter" badge under your user name in the forum. Thanks in advance for helping out.

    7 Months Left $869.00 USD / $1,235.00 USD
  • Submittable yearly fee

    For $187 annually, Submittable will allow us to accept unlimited unsolicited manuscripts from non-members. Otherwise, those submitting work through Submittable must pay a fee per submission once we reach our 5-per-month limit.

    4 Months Left $100.00 USD / $187.00 USD