About PoetryCircle

PoetryCircle LLC started out in 2005 as a community for experienced writers, and the PoetryCircle Forum remains just that. The idea back then was to create something that was sadly lacking on the Internet: a community where serious or experienced writers, readers, and students of contemporary poetry could find like-minded writers and readers, enjoy the craft, learn from one another, and read some good work. Back in 2005, and to a great degree today, finding good poetry online was pretty difficult. Searching for “poetry” or “poetry forum” turned up a bunch of sites where amateurs shared greeting card verse, and serious critique or feedback from others who were skilled at the craft was virtually non-existent. PoetryCircle went some way toward changing that, and the core mission of the site remains.

One thing that makes the PoetryCircle forum unique is the existence of onsite editors and the roles that they play.  On the forum, the editors make it easy to find work that they consider especially meritorious by moving the best poems that are submitted to the Submit Your Poetry board and placing them in the Editors’ Picks board. They also select work from the Editors’ Picks board to place on the PoetryCircle front page. Editors do a lot of other things, too, and you can read more about their roles—as well as get to know them—on the Editors page.

Another thing that makes PoetryCircle unique is that we intentionally attempt to find editors with varied tastes and backgrounds so that the work presented, discussed, and promoted on PoetryCircle can represent the full range of high-quality work being written today. While the word circle may, in its narrowest sense, suggest a clique, we try hard to challenge each other’s sensibilities and welcome writers who embrace or write out of (or against) all traditions: confessional, experimental, beat, outlaw, modern, postmodern, and traditional. In other words, the “circle” in PoetryCircle is meant to be large and inclusive. If you visit us or join and find that not to be the case, do something about it by becoming a voice that represents something you don’t see.

Special note: Because this is a site of and for advanced writers, when you sign up, we encourage you to do so using your real name, the pen name by which you are widely known, or the pen name by which you would like to be widely known. A fanciful “internet name” probably won’t endear you to the other writers on the site, and if your work should get picked for the front page at some later time, it wouldn’t make much sense to have the piece appear as, say, “internetpoet245” rather than your real name or pseudonym.

Suggestions regarding any enhancements to the site are welcome. It is organic, delightfully flexible, and will grow in whatever fashion the members desire. If you like the site, please spread the word.