we were in
the gravel
back lot
of a wild
neon bar
when he
called me
Cara Mia
across the road:

train cars
adorned only
in old Krylon
were the
last voyeurs
apart from
the acid
that beat
the Mustang
when he
called me
Cara Mia
all I could taste

was the biting
tang of
an orange
juice chaser
but I felt            
safe in the most
precarious way
when he called me
Cara Mia

Image Credit:Francesca Dioni
Laura Hoffman is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Hoffman's work is forthcoming or appears in: Bop Dead City, Clear Poetry, The Bangalore Review, Pouch, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Lady Blue Literary Magazine, Penultimate Peanut, The Write Launch, and "WOWsdom: The Girl's Guide to The Positive and The Possible" by Donna Orender (to be released: Fall 2017).


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