for the Silent Lotus

shot into orbit
in peak condition
need not list blue balls
with other terrestrial ills
upon return any longer

colonization- the human imperative
fertilization- the biological one
collide in zero gravity
like distant, practical meteors
suddenly aware of their collision course

a rush of blood to the head
good for big brains
not interested in porn star moves

restricted flow
restricted thrust
bondage fetishists will benefit
when zippered and ratchet-strapped together
to avoid early separation
concussions from fuselage collisions

a game of grab the globule
after post-coital cuddle

what of space babies,
mothers carrying boneless newborns
in plexiglass jars

better than returning mummified
in sexually frustrated poses
like Russian space sex geckos
aboard frozen satellites

Forum Comments:NASA's classified notes on intergalactic intercourse
Image Credit:Nasa.Gov
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