A tube of Brylcreem. A brandy
old-fashion sweet. Two oars

from a bass boat. Dirt from Ireland.
A Tiger Moth. Rope, some sky,

some lake water. Stations
of the Cross. Pall Mall straights.

Dirt from western Wisconsin.
North. Radio tubes. The bishop,

the knight, and a few pawns.
A circle, a line, a square. Assorted

words. Roses. Slowness. A Sarah
Vaughn album. Dirt from the corner

garden. Birch leaves. Some words,
some numbers. Some corrugations.

Golf clubs. Golf tees. A sleeve
of golf balls. Daisies. Weather.

Rain. An old window-frame.
Crickets. The pine rocker to sit in,

look from. The key to the mantel
clock. Hand dexterity to wind it.

Forum Comments:Fragments in His Coffin
Image Credit:Forsaken Fotos
Tim J Brennan's one act plays have played across the United States, including on stages in Milwaukee, Colorado Springs, Bethesda, San Diego, Chicago, Bloomington (IL), Rochester, White Bear Lake, and Spring Valley, MN.


  1. What a lovely memorial. Through these fragments a picture of a life, full of earth and sky, music and well loved things–what ties us here and what we leave behind, roses and rain.

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