air hisses out of a balloon world
cicada wings grate
squirrels trailing lost tails impersonate rats
a last cigarette is crushed out

concrete oceans roll
inside talcum thick air
food trucks float around on tires
boiled hot dogs and matted cotton candy     a single serving

when the bomb falls
it’s an ink spray on a last sheet of vellum
blue blood splatters
on finity and short dimensions

somewhere else
a mummy with a sword
sits under an ageless cactus
his long fingernails

Forum Comments:The Belated End of Anno Domini
Maria Mazzenga travels daily from her home in Arlington, Virginia, to her job as a historian in Washington, D.C. and back again searching for poems in waiting. She’s been writing, publishing, and reading poetry for 30 years.


  1. I love this one, Maria! I’ll bet you thought of this driving into work. 🙂 I love this line: his long fingernails
    grow. That one alone could keep me up all night thinking about it! Thanks for writing and posting this.

  2. Love everything about this poem, Maria! “squirrels lost tails impersonating rats” made me laugh. I can just see the last cigarette crushed out. “food trucks float around on tires” is great too, and love the last lines, “his long fingernails grow.”

  3. There are so many good lines here: squirrels lost tails impersonating rats… oh, I like that, along with his long fingernails grow…….what a great line.
    Poem is all so very good.

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