Came a time where no one called,
just as he wanted, while
the backyard furred with poison oak

and the cat slunk away. Milk could
push up to four days past date, towels
good for at least a week if hung.

Somewhere an old friend hiked fresh
trails, cheeks crimson with cold and
altitude, somewhere a woman stretched

beside her warm lover like a lynx.
Pages, pages back. He reached again
into the bag of Cheetos. Kept on reading.


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Image Credit:R. Crap Mariner
Sharon Leigh has been writing since the alphabet told on itself. A self – confessed escapist, poetry is Leigh’s main vehicle of choice for avoiding that pile of bills on the counter. Her work has been published mainly online, with a few pieces included in print. She lives in Michigan with her four children and a moody parakeet.


  1. Wow! Especially like the tension of the last lines, from that woman stretching “like a lynx” to that worst of all junk food habits, the bag of Cheetos! Sweet dreams in the lap of squalid reality.

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