Her long black hair and scarlet lips
exude an powerful force,
legs that start off on the floor
and end up in divorce.

Always arrives solo
but seldom leaves alone,
one night, with Alice,
and you might never go home.

Make you lose your marbles
maybe chuck your job,
she could turn the Dalai Lama
into a hit-man for the mob.

I asked: “Alice, could you kill a man,
could you ever cross that line?”
she said:
“I think so –
      eventually –


Forum Comments:Forethought and Malice with Dangerous Alice
Image Credit: Dennis van Zuijlekom
Roger contracted obsessive poetry writing while recovering from a severe bout of novel writing. He has several pieces published in poetry zines and has performed readings at various venues across Northwest England. In his work, he likes to explore the boundaries between meaning and non-meaning, the outer edges of comprehension, disrupting cultural norms. He is currently studying at the Univerity of Salford.

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