(George W. Bush/Silvio Berlusconi, Rome War Summit, June 4, 2004)

The cats of Rome sleep, feed, and breed
among the tumbled travertine, and slip,
tails high, across the flag draped avenue.
Ignoring pomp, alive to circumstance,
they cruise cafes for crumbs or prowl
the Pantheon. Because the ages blaze
and fade, the cats ignore the ranks
of flags and fleets of long black cars.
At the axis of the empire, they curl
round Trajan’s Column, indifferent
to a fault, at home in a falling world.


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Image Credit:Aaron Muszalski
Edison Jennings is a single father, part-time teacher, and veteran living in the southwestern Appalachian region of Virginia. His poetry has appeared in Kenyon Review, Poetry Daily, Rattle, TriQuarterly, Southern Poetry Review, and several other journals and anthologies. His chapbook, Reckoning, is available at Jacar Press.


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