Horses came running on fire,
but the evening did sing.
A time to be written on walls.
No more spiders creeping in our attics.
No more bed bugs making holes in our brains.
May Niagara invigorate our neurons,
so we rise from pits
of spiritually frozen bodies
to sunlight. At the dinner table:

a fat roast turkey,
rice, red beans, mash potatoes, lasagnas,
salads, and sesame breads—turn bellies
to balloons. Hyena laughters join forks
and spoons clanking on large saucers
over rolling eyes with delight
and pierced eye peas. The black years

and our inner spiders went hiding tonight.
This victory proves inner power.
Let innocence move back
into our membrane upstairs.
May the fires of our will
burn old documented leaves
filed within our heads,
invaded with insects and roaches,
mildews and dung, wrenches, hammers,
and knives—all down a cliff
into a gleaming sea. The horses
came running on fire,
but the evening did sing.


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Obed Ladiny is an emerging lover of poetry, who lives in Tennessee. His favorite poets include Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Billy Collins. In his spare moments between working and reading, he contributes his own to the art.

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