The first time I saw Ronnie’s cock, he and Felicia were lying on an olive duvet atop a bed in Room 24 at the old Stagecoach Motel in Santa Ana. Felicia unzipped Ron’s Levis and there it was: partially erect, glistening red, obscene as the dick on a dog.

(But larger.)

I tried to back out; Felicia insisted we continue. I remember Ron’s dick, I remember the room…everything else is a blur.


Cock without a woman isn’t sex to me, it’s Physical Education. But when there’s a female around, it’s prestidigitation. Look, his huge thing just completely disappeared! How does she manage that trick?

To lie beside a cock inside a pussy is to witness the miracle of life. To help guide a dick inside a woman’s wet is to play a role akin to creator, a breeder, one who manipulates life into existence.

Labia they were,
then balls.
Everyone should have a chance
to feel them.

Felicia says meat & potatoes, I say cock & balls…one thing Ronnie has is both in spades.

Girth is more important than length: nobody likes a pencil dick. Ron’s is narrow at the base and wide at the head, like a tapered blimp. When he plunges it into my throat, I’m transformed. Masculine & feminine unite behind my uvula: I encompass legions.

(Especially with Felicia down on my own equipment while I suck.)


The question is one of relation.

A couple has one relationship, a threesome has three…foursomes manifest six different relationships at once!

Balancing six relations is complex: I prefer three. Three is the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill. Three is a nuclear family. A romantic triangle is three; also the Trinity.

3 is the Magic Number for me.


ARTWORK: “Cute Creatures” by Jay Trevor

Lance Rocks has been writing and performing all his life. He earned an MFA in Playwriting and a PhD in Contemporary Theatre at the University of California at Davis. He wrote advertising copy professionally for 20 years. During the 1980s Lance toured with his one-man show, "The Wisdom of Southern California," playing at bookstores, coffee houses, and libraries across that region. Now retired, Lance spends his days writing. He also shoots photography and produces short videos for streaming on the Web.


  1. “I remember Ron’s dick, I remember the room…everything else is a blur.” Very funny line. Great piece!

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