So heavy. Back like a corkscrew.
All the cushions in our home

just made me comfortable.
I throw up at the slightest…

We call it Moab. Like in the bible.
Got cravings for Iraqi food.

I want to go somewhere dark
like a cave. I fret this baby bump

will explode inside me.
I give birth to a suicide bomber.

Biggest bairn in the hospital.
I feel close to heaven.


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Image Credit:UK AID
Paul Brookes was and is a shop assistant after employment as a security guard, postman, admin. assistant, lecturer, poetry performer. His first chapbook is "The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley", (Dearne Community Arts, 1993); other chapbooks are "The Headpoke and Firewedding" (Alien Buddha Press; 2017) illustrated chapbook, "A World Where" (Nixes Mate Press, 2017) and "The Spermbot Blues" (OpPRESS, August 2017).

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