they sound different from
fighter jets on bombing
runs. The scouts fly lower
and they make a constant
buzzing sound. If you hear
them, you’ll know that shells
will be falling soon, bringing
death with them. If you go
outside make sure you don’t
end up in a group of more
than 20 people one man says
or you might attract a plane.
Scouting runs are especially
dangerous in summer when
there aren’t any clouds to
obscure pilots’ vision. But
they’re also bad on clear
days in winter. Going out at
night is especially risky because
you can’t see planes coming over
head and you have to drive with
out headlights. One man said
he suddenly felt pressure in
his ears and the windows of his
car cracked. It was an air strike
less than 100 meters behind him,
reminding him he was still alive


See Lyn Lifshin’s “Life in Aleppo” collection here.

Frequently referred to as "Queen of the Lit Mags," Lyn Lifshin has been a formidable presence on the poetry scene for over 40 years—a testament to her talent, creativity, and dedication to the craft. You can read more about Lyn on Wikipedia.

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