No longer do they roam the fields and woods
searching for rare birds like they once did.

They pass the hours watching old TV shows
Stay up to watch the news; prepare for sleep.

Silently they turn their blankets down,
arrange their pillows, lie upon their beds.

He dreams he is in some endless TV play;
A gentleman endowed with fortune and with fame –

A millionaire that no one understood
who tosses his fortune foolishly away.

Then, too late, he tries to do a little good.

What will happen next, he never learns.

He wakens, feeling sadder than he should –
searches in his kitchen for champagne
drinks a cup of coffee, black, instead.


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Image Credit:Jan Tik
Marian Veverka is enjoying her retirement by watching nature, reading, and writing poetry. Recently, a chapbook of her poems was published by Finishing Line Press.


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