Thank you very much, David.
There’s nothing bigger.
There’s nothing bigger.
Dead people are registered to vote and voting,
which they do.
No, no, I had a tremendous victory.
One of the great victories ever.
The most ever or just about the most ever.
One of the greatest victories ever.
And that speech was a home run.
They said it was one of the great speeches.
I got a standing ovation.
They said it was the biggest standing ovation
since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl.
And they said it was equal.
I got a standing ovation.
It lasted for a long period of time.
And I think you would even agree to that.
They say I had the biggest crowd
in the history of inaugural speeches.
We had a massive crowd of people.
We had a crowd. I looked over that sea of people
and I said to myself, “Wow.”
And I’ve seen crowds before. Big, big crowds.
That was some crowd. We had the biggest audience
in the history of inaugural speeches.
It is a tremendous magnitude.
When you see the size. The size.

Where you really see it
is when you’re talking about problems in the world.
And we do have problems in the world.
Big problems. The size of it. The size.
Yeah, absolutely, 100 percent.
Our country has enough problems.
Look, look, our country has a lot of problems.
Believe me. I know what the problems are
even better than you do.
They’re deep problems, serious problems.
We don’t need more.
But you’re going to see. You’re going to see.
We’re going to have a very strong one.
A very solid one where you have great people
that are here that have done a good job.
But now we have really bad people that are here.
We’re going to have extreme in all cases.
And I mean extreme.
The world is a mess.
The world is as angry as it gets.
The world is an angry place.
The world is a total mess.
It’s time. Our longest war—
we’ve been in there for 15, 16 years.
Nobody even knows what the date is.
Because they don’t really know when did we start.
But it’s time. It’s time.
The world is a mess, David.



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