There’s televised news from all corners
of the Amerikan planet. Addictive presidential
elections, national nausea, murder. The slip-
pery Pentagon of lies, tho, extensive non-coverage.

Proving scientific evolution, creek clams bloat up
into rolling elephants in water, whose rumps buoy,
buoy, & ascend to splatter weeping pearls from
the radiated, crispy surface of cellophane seas.

Amerikan media nails patriotic bells to bloody Florida
& wounded Afganistan; my Syrian children need food & sanity.
Sugary blue chimes of hollow shit thud like dead pachyderms. Red,
white, & blue sky juices drip, & high winds lift our crucified

flag, clutched by a college rapist, like a stingray unfolds as a
kite in a rainbow. Captured by concern, we’re tangled in fishy
thought-control nets & wet wavelengths of powerful wealth.
Global corporations listen to 300 thousand satellites scream

around our pebble, our prison; they watch this viewable-from-space,
cellular massacre. For instance, elite political maggots bottom-feed,
overflow, infect Flint’s underground liquid. Smiling worms writhe inside
pink tea cups. Do not report there are poisons in the air. Deadly cheap

cloud seeds dripping from the asses of sky-colored fighter jets over Erie.
Gorge our grapes & eat our women. This evolution is a subtle distinction
in the taste of juices, but this news never airs. Live life in yr time.
Nothing is true. Nothing is known. Swallow it all. Rage, & smile for death.


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