I had a number of signs including crop circle patterns in my
chest hair and earthquake sensations in my solar plexus. I
mean what’s new right? I tried post-it notes. But it will be
hard to replace my groovy corduroy smock. Speaking of
cotton I’m wearing a hobbit robe and feeling quite randy
about it. Is that cool shit in Denmark? So far I still bone up
“pretty damn nice” according to my yoga neighbor. She’s
willing to top as needed and digs my taupe robe. Doing the
stress test thing next Tuesday. Yippee. Big plans to bone
afterwards. We’ll see. By the way I caught a buzz off your
Danish “fly” story. You should put a disclaimer on before
homeland security fucks you up! I just found a little board.
Not a lot of heavy lifting but maybe you’ll visit? Yankee on
my chain is the password. Don’t bring too many continental
freaky EU snobs. Punk is cool. Remember JFK LBJ and the
Marilyn thing? If so it may be a minor entertaining read. But
don’t download the PDF in sunlight because the font was
jacked from Fukushima. Ha-ha you brilliant motherfucker.
So now you’ve got liver damage. Too funny! You do the
math. I’ll be like 39. Don’t fool yourself in my bathroom.
And make sure you clean up before getting on the plane.
Kind of weird. I had tofu “prime rib” last night and danced
to Abba. Dude. Did that rock! I’m semi familiar with Don
DeLillo. But any man not born in Texas is good by me. I dig
3 syllable names. So I’ll take that as a complement and kiss
my neighbor’s ass. But hey. At least I have an open mind.
Speaking of guerrilla marketing. I heard you’re the alpha
primate in your household. I’m down with that. Just like
yesterday I used Tai Chi in my subject line. It was bad ass.
You know terrorism works. In record time you freaky EU
punks have them dismembered in the streets. “We want
suicide monkey!” Remember that one? Cheeky boned up
Abba dancing in my neighbor’s yard! I mean damn. Your
take on 5th world messianic death chimp blew me out. Go
back and read that Hopi stuff carefully. I know you can
adapt and write killer shit. Let’s wake-up anonymous and
make tons of monkey. After that we’ll shave a few beers.


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Ton Romus is a poet/ artist/ fractallian who enjoys noun phishing on the weekends. He is currently working on a book of poems titled Seaside Buddha Buds Clapping All Fours. In the time it has taken you to read this, Ton has considered 3 more things.

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