He was there at the mike with a glow behind his head
like a literary god, so I fucked him.
Me, two other women, and this bisexual guy
named Frank.
It was five-bod-fuck and very poetic
because Frank got the whole thing on tape
for a project he was doing on bisexual poets
and those who love them.
Turned out Ed, the poet,
liked to suck cock,
which he did while fucking Susan,
feeling up Beth,
and I held the camera, rolling vid.
This is why I like to hang with poets:
they appeal to my spiritual nature.


Lance Rocks has been writing and performing all his life. He earned an MFA in Playwriting and a PhD in Contemporary Theatre at the University of California at Davis. He wrote advertising copy professionally for 20 years. During the 1980s Lance toured with his one-man show, "The Wisdom of Southern California," playing at bookstores, coffee houses, and libraries across that region. Now retired, Lance spends his days writing. He also shoots photography and produces short videos for streaming on the Web.

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