I finally came out last year at the age of 69. It seemed appropriate.

Gotta have a gimmick. I’ve held mine close since 1976, the year I abandoned my wife. I like it when two people fuck right there in front of me – then slide me inside to make three.

M/F/M…F/M/F…either way.


I read where Millenials have less sex than Boomers, and ain’t that a cryin’ shame. Our species’ requirement for self-preservation has begun to overshadow having fun.

As Elle likes to say, “Fun is the name of the game.” Elle is easily bored. She likes to have fun. She’s a Boomer like me.

“Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find.”

Tell me about it. Every time I manage to articulate my needs, they’re filled. Gratitude and joy are standard in my life – why not?


One time me ‘n Felicia got called into the studio at KHI in L.A. to visit a shock jock whose name is too big to mention. We talked about our life as a sharing bi-couple, and people called-in with their questions.

How did you start in the lifestyle, and don’t you get jealous? Whose idea was it?

It was my idea, we took out an ad, and no, there’s no jealousy involved. (Except for those fucked-up couples who can’t get their shit together: they bust. You hear them at the dances, screaming.)

After the L.A. show, Felicia’s parents threw us out of their house on Christmas Day. They’d heard our radio interview from far-away San Bernardino.

“Never darken our doorway again!” came the refrain, as Felicia and I stepped briskly to the Subaru, clutching each other for safety.


Sex is damask to me: finely detailed and durable.


Lance Rocks has been writing and performing all his life. He earned an MFA in Playwriting and a PhD in Contemporary Theatre at the University of California at Davis. He wrote advertising copy professionally for 20 years. During the 1980s Lance toured with his one-man show, "The Wisdom of Southern California," playing at bookstores, coffee houses, and libraries across that region. Now retired, Lance spends his days writing. He also shoots photography and produces short videos for streaming on the Web.

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