my head is without reason
and I wanna know why
pale exhaustion,
open shutter sun
detour in my zipper teeth
I saw the last light of the night go out.
I screamed at you because you weren’t there.
3 matches,
a  smoker’s outpost,
steam lines on the chatbox windows,
and I want the mist on the inside of you.
I noticed that nobody is saying anything
they have barely even said hello.
have you ever watched yourself eat your own ego? God is sweeping the basement floor and I’m trying to find a dustpan. send me sweet laugh lines we can call corny.
you look like the life I killed.
my jello thoughts are half price shots
and over 21 looks at the bar
I’m dying,
tell the clouds
to put me back down.


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Daniel J. Flore III's poems have appeared in many publications. His first poetry collection, Lapping Water, is from GenZ Publishing.


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