We were there, drunk, in this girl’s apartment
and her young brother was there
and Richard was there.
We were talking and yapping
and the girl told me about how she was in love with this guy
but it didn’t work out because he wanted to change her,
and she didn’t want to change.

Richard told her how great she was
and he told her about how great I was.
Her brother said he forgot my name
so I told him again.
He told me about how he ended up in jail
because he got stroppy with a cop.
He told me about how he had been in the mental hospital.
Richard told me again about how great she was.

Then an argument broke out between Richard
and another guy that was there.
It went on and on, ya ya ya…
Then she slammed the door saying
‘everybody is talking about the argument
and nobody is talking about who the argument is about’,
because it was about her.
But everything got sorted out and they made up
and we poured more drink.
Her brother asked me to say hello to him if I saw him on the street
and I said sure, I’ll see you on the street and I’ll say hello.
Then he said he forgot my name again
and I told him my name again.
Then Richard said she was a prostitute.
He said it directly to me.
I asked her if she really was
and everybody started laughing.
‘I’m a secretary’.
And we all drank more beer and rum.

Then, when I was leaving, she put three cigarettes in
my top pocket.
‘No, I don’t need them, it’s okay.’
‘No, you take them, take them.’
So I went home, half drunk, with three cigarettes in my top pocket.


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Image Credit:Crazy_Zou
Michael Barry attended the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. He divides his creative energies between painting and the written word.

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