It’s been too long since we chalked and knocked
some balls around. Back in the day we were badass
buffed & waxed yuppies converting the neighborhood
into stainless steel. Do you miss the train? If so
meet me where the mirror is painted black
and only the shadow remains. Quick update
from the homeland. I finally moved out
of the basement. Sure miss
the sexy way
you talked dirty
to mister titmouse. I still feed the blue jays
roasted peanuts in the shell. Every morning a pair taps
on the bedroom window as if to say thanks for the food
it’s time to open the blind and let the sun in.
Last summer
the cooper’s hawk grabbed one of the doves
under the oak where you told me
I think it’s time to leave
tonight around 9
embrace me
as I slip away.

Then a kettle of memories boil
on the stove. It always starts with dear john
this is my last cup of tea.
I try to hold on but the scent
of you on the pillow continues to fade. So I sit in the kitchen
reflecting on the setting sun as if it was only 20 minutes by train.


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