an active listener. When I tell a tale
it gives verbal nods. Floorboards

reply with, I see…
radiators with, I understand…

Armchairs creak, I’m with you…
and kitchen sink squeaks, okay.

Bright cutlery mirrors my words.
Lit bulbs flicker acknowledgement.

At least she isn’t here to confuse them.
At least the house listens.


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Paul Brookes was a shop assistant, security guard, postman, admin assistant, lecturer, and poetry performer with "Rats for Love." His work is included in "Rats for Love: The Book," Bristol Broadsides, 1990. His first chapbook was "The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley," Dearne Community Arts, 1993. He has read his work on BBC Radio Bristol and had a creative writing workshop for sixth formers broadcast on BBC Radio Five Live. Brookes has been recently published in Clear Poetry, The Bees Are Dead, Live Nude Poems, and others.

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