he wove
the music of the sea
groan of tides
into a symphony
of wandering birds

the thunder
of white horses’ hooves
of bright bulging clouds
of wave on shore
full-filled the halls
of predatory gods
that shoaled
around the oceans
in a fierce viking

he searched
the multi-coloured hues
for warnings
in all shades of sky

with brush and palette knife
he tamed them
to a running stream
for eye and ear

he seized
the wind his many hands
kept trim the sails
and worked
the pumps
all to the wild song
of the chanting seas

it’s said
his breath
was fog-filled
with a mist
of salt



Milner Place took to writing poems in English in his late fifties and has since had 10 poetry books published. The latest is a selection from all his books, The man who had forgotten the names of trees, Moloko Print, by the editor Ralf Friel, with artwork from the noted artist Harald Haeuser. This volume also includes an essay on his work by the late Todd Moore. He has worked for BBC radio and television as a writer.

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