1. abundant sunglasses
2. less so the Sunday bun
3. three ashtrays of brown sugar

mother with fringe
rummages in the pile
of cutlery for

tonight’s ceremonial femme-à-femme

father gone
two birthdays ago
from all three toilets
finds the choice
of plastic spoons

4. Gillette cream ad libitum
5. sand shovel
6. locked door

Pumpkin/Puddin’ is busy…
a cake
for mother with braid

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Image Credit:Steve Snodgrass
Born in Havana in 1975, Michel Ruiz Rosquete is a biochemist presently engaged as a researcher at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis. Main interests include languages and photography. Reading Cuban poet Norge Espinosa, in early adolescence, strongly motivated him to attempt verses for his own life experiences and translations thereof.

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