Some people say all the horror on Twitter and Facebook
is necessary, that it folds us in the cold hard sheath of reality.

When that dolphin washed up on the sands
I simply assumed the blowhole was a wound.
“Who the fuck would shoot a dolphin?”
I asked. You laughed.

I ran my hand down its slender form.
The shoreline breathed.


Forum Comments:Mistaking the blowhole for a gunshot wound
Image Credit:Annie Mole
Michael Ashley lives in West Yorkshire, & in between dodging the turds that life throws at him, and walking his dogs, he writes a little poetry. His work has been published in Carnival Lit Mag, Gutter Eloquence, HorrorSleazeTrash, Zygote in my Coffee, Rusty Truck, Boyslut, Black Listed Mag, and many more.

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